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Lisa B. Carson


As a naturopath, I teach people to take control of their health through nutrition by finding the underlying cause of a health issue, then bringing the body back into balance. 


While working with patients with all types of health conditions, my true passion is digestive health. Eighty percent of our immune system is in our gut. For lasting healing, one must first heal the gut. My goal is educating the patient on how to restore the wholistic functioning of all the integrative systems, including the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional levels, with emphasis on the entire digestive system. Once healed, the brain will be able to function better and thus, the patient will be able to start bringing the whole body into balance.


I am constantly learning and researching to advance my knowledge, service, commitment and dedication in delivering the very best in clinical health care. I am blessed to be working with Dr. Jim Roach, a true teacher and mentor. Dr. Roach is paving the way to educating those willing to learn, in how one has control over their overall health and healing. The Midway Center for Integrative Health has a supportive, warm and loving approach where the patient comes first. 


Education and Certifications

SIBO Doctor Approved – Three level certification, 2019

EFT certified, 2012

American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board, 2009

CNHP, 2007

LDHS, 2008

Duke University – Post Graduate Study, 1981

Boston University B.S./B.A. with minor in Marketing, Dean’s List, 1980

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