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Prepare for your appointment.

3 Steps Anchor - Patients

3 Steps for a Successful Visit


Call (859) 846-4445

to schedule an appointment. 

Appointments take place

Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm.*

*Phones are turned off from 1-2pm daily


Print, complete and bring required forms to your appointment. 


Prepare for your visit. 

Prepare to be patient.

We give every patient our focused attention, which can lead to lengthy waiting times prior to your visit. Please come prepared to spend up to half a day with us from check-in to check-out. Feel free to bring a snack, something to read, or whatever you need to be comfortable. Filtered water and healing teas are available in a comfortable waiting room with a large window, as well as a broad range of inspiring and educational reading materials.

Prepare to take charge of your health.

Patients with the best outcomes are those that:​

  1. Listen closely and largely adopt our nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

  2. Receive the most comprehensive testing, beginning at the first visit.

    • Food sensitivity assessment is critical as we all have disease-promoting sensitivities. Oxalate overload or yeast excess produces symptoms in half of our patients, detectable on organic acid testing. Intracellular micronutrient testing assesses 31 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Get stool assessment for cancer and disease promoting factors. Oral testing includes HPV, pathogenic organism and metal sensitivities. Identify actionable genetic health and cancer risk markers. Comprehensive heavy metal and hormonal testing can also be done.

  3. Understand and diligently use recommended supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is integrative medicine for everyone and every condition?

Many patients are not comfortable utilizing integrative approaches; they are best served seeing health care providers who offer conventional approaches and would not be happy with our approach. Those who do best are those that get comprehensive testing, are prepared to make lifestyle changes and follow our recommended personalized supplement protocol. We do not replace the role of pediatricians but love to have toddlers and children; we feel that essentially every pediatric patient, regardless of an adverse diagnosis, can improve, often dramatically, in response to our approach. We also feel we can make a strong contribution in maximizing the potential of healthy kids and adolescents.

Are you real doctors?

While originally trained and board certified in Family Medicine through 2015, Dr. Roach switched to integrative medicine, in which he is double board certified: American Board of Integrative Medicine and the American Board of Holistic Medicine. Further, by Fall 2020 he will have completed the Institute of Functional Medicine training program (Cleveland Clinic has a Functional Medicine department which has become wildly popular under the leadership of 10-time #1 NY Times bestselling author Mark Hyman MD). Marie Vaubourg-Manheim is a DPN (Doctor of Nursing Practice - a step above a nurse practitioner), Courtney Maiden is a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) and Lisa Carson is a naturopath with truly remarkable knowledge of digestive and intestinal health.


What insurance does The Midway Center accept? 

We currently accept Anthem PPO, Anthem Medicare and the national Medicare plan and don’t foresee changes to this through 2020. We also offer cash rates. 

What insurance does Lab Corp accept?

LabCorp accepts a wide variety of health insurance plans. Please click here prior to your visit to see if your insurance is accepted. 

Do I leave my current doctor to come here?

We encourage you to maintain your primary care provider, who may be able to follow you into the hospital. We do not address health concerns that develop after hours or on weekends, so please visit an urgent care center for those needs.


Do you work in tandem with other doctors?

While we do occasionally make referrals, we manage the vast majority of health conditions in-house. The idea of medical specialties which focus on a single organ is a declining emphasis in light of the great strides in systems biology, which addresses many different organs through root causes, as exemplified in functional medicine.


Do you accept referrals?

Yes. We take on challenging patients who show an active interest in nutrition, achieving balance, supplementing their medicine regimen and taking responsibility for their health. We are not interested in routine primary care, but rather patients who can best benefit from our experience with challenging medical problems including cancer, autism, autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative disorders such as ALS, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, organ failures and cardiovascular issues. Because comprehensive testing and nutritional support are a key aspect of what we do, patients who cannot financially manage this approach will have limited response to our treatment and be disappointed in our care.

What is your relationship with oncologists?

As part of our integrative cancer approach, we tailor our approach to augment the oncologist, including specific advice that usually enhances chemotherapy while greatly reducing side effects. We strongly recommend cancer patients see us before they see the oncologist, as there are vital approaches that need to be implemented quickly. It is strongly recommended that cancer patients purchase Dr. Roach’s new, highly acclaimed book Vital Strategies in Cancer.


Do you regularly write prescription for drugs?

While we are board certified, our area of interest is focusing on non-pharmacologic approaches with our patients. Generally, use of prescriptions is reserved for situations that cannot be managed otherwise.


Are same day appointments available?

Call our office at 859-846-4445 to see if we can work you in for non-respiratory urgent needs during regular office hours. We no longer accept patients who do not call in advance.


How long should I allow for my first visit?

We are a busy office and deal with challenging patients, so please bring reading material, as we often are delayed. Allow a half-day to be seen. This time typically includes bloodwork.

Where are you located?

Our practice is located in the heart of Kentucky's Bluegrass region at 129 S Winter St, Midway, KY 40347. Click here for more information.

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